We are a beehive with a big dream:

to make waxing relaxing

5 years ago we had a dream: to transform a moment of suffering for women into a moment of well-being.

My name is Raffaele La Montagna, creator of the EpilCera method and in recent years I have studied a lot around Europe. I took dozens and dozens of planes, slept in many (too many) hotels, to test hundreds and hundreds of resins, natural and in pearls.

It was hard but I was driven by the desire to find unique products, which could transform waxing into a moment of relaxation.
A real treatment that can guarantee a unique experience, making you forget that moment of pain.

A service that can revolutionize waxing transforming it into a moment of relaxation.

Why should you choose epilcera?

We know how little time a woman devotes to herself.

However, we are also well aware of the importance of taking care of yourself to better face the challenges of every day.

Epilcera is not a simple waxing methos, but is a beauty and wellness ritual not only for your legs, but also for your soul.


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