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 of basic aesthetics with

the first painless wax

Yes, I know that you will certainly have already an epilation method within your beauty center Precisely for this reason I ask you to watch this video or to read through.

The only painless wax

which is also a body treatment

(and actually makes you earn more money)

5 years ago we had a dream: to transform a moment of suffering for women into a moment of well-being.

Sono Raffaele La Montagna, ideatore del metodo EpilCera e negli ultimi anni ho studiato tanto, in giro per l’Europa. I took dozens and dozens of planes, slept in many (too many) hotels, to test hundreds and hundreds of resins, natural and in pearls.

It was hard but I was driven by the desire to find unique products, which could transform waxing into a moment of relaxation, a real treatment capable of guaranteeing the client a unique experience, making her forget that moment of pain. But not only that, I also wanted to make waxing a highly marginal service for esteticians.

A service that can lead Beauty Centers to increase their turnover up to + 64%.


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How will EpilCera revolutionize  your basic aesthetics?

Thanks to warm cloths, scented oils and natural resins, we were able to transform the waxing experience into a relaxing, invigorating and above all painless moment.

Your clients will no longer remember having a wax with painful tears and redness but will have a pleasant memory of a treatment worthy of the best spas.

With Epilcera you can revolutionize a basic beauty service, considered low-yield, and transform it into a high-margin treatment.

Your clients will no longer consider epilation a traumatic moment, to be done quickly, but will consider Epilcera a real beauty treatment that they will not wait to do again

To make this possible, we have chosen high-performance products such as natural resins or, for example, muslin (if you don’t know it, I’ll explain what it is in the video).

By introducing Epilcera into your beauty center, you will revolutionize the way you offer waxing, transforming it into a unique, painless and highly marginal treatment.

Hear what they say

the beauticians who have chosen Epilcera

True testimonies made by those who have decided to become part our bee hive and introducing the Epilcera method in their Beauty Center.

I have a special message for you.

Why should you choose

As I told you at the beginning, I know well that you will certainly have an epilation method within your beauty center Precisely for this reason I ask you to read through.

I want to tell you that you need to differentiate yourself, you need to offer a different service, with clear benefits and also give value to a basic aesthetic service such as waxing.

And do you know why? Because people want more, but most of all they are willing to pay more if they get more.

With Epilcera you can differentiate yourself from other centers because you will not offer an epilation service like all the others but you will differentiate yourself in a totally new offer.

You will have loyalty from your customers that will allow you to have cyclical appointments Because Epilcera educates the customer to come back with more pleasure, because it is not a simple waxing method but a real body treatment.

With Epilcera we have revolutionized the way of waxing in many beauty centers in Italy, increasing turnover by up to 64% more.

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