The Esmeralda ritual

painless Brazilian waxing

Waxing will no longer be a torture to be avoided as much as possible, but a moment of well-being that you will not wait to relive

Hair regrowth Slowed

and skin smoother and smoother, for longer

With Epilcera we will take care of your skin with performing products, rich in active ingredients capable of slowing down the regrowth of the hair and nourishing the skin in order to make it softer and more “available” for hair removal treatment.

In this way, thanks to the vacuum effect of the muslin, the resins enter deeper, thus managing to weed out even the shortest hair.

For this reason, with Epilcera the regrowth times are extended up to 5 weeks

The only painless wax that

which stimulates circulation

Before each hair removal treatment, we perform a dry massage with our wonderful natural tampico brush.

These are just some of the amazing benefits of dry body brushing.

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