Painless waxing for everyone

specific to each and every person

Every person is different, as well as every skin, and every type of hair.

In Epilcera we know it well, for this reason, whatever your idea of waxing is, we are convinced that you will discover a revolutionary treatment, which you will never want to do without.

The right wax

for those sensitive to pain

If you’ve never waxed for fear of pain, this is your chance.
Through a massage with warm oils, a relaxing ritual and above all our linen and cotton muslin, your first wax will turn into a real pampering.

Epilation for those who have

varicose veins and noticeable capillaries

If you have problems with obvious capillaries and varicose veins and you have always thought that waxing is not for you, I give you good news:
Epilcera is right for you!
In the video I’ll explain why.

What is folliculitis

and why it will be just a memory

Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair bulb and can be caused by poor hydration or wrong and aggressive epilation.
To avoid this problem and save yourself the itching and burning that it brings, watch the video.

sensitive or irritated skin

The wax suitable for those who have

Do you happen to have red skin after waxing?

Your sensitive skin probably needs more delicate products and to be pampered a little more
In the video I’ll give you some tips.

Ingrown hairs:

causes and consequences

We want to talk about the annoying ingrown hairs?
Wrong or DIY hair removal, poor hydration or skin exfoliation make the situation worse.
In the video I will tell you why.

The right wax for whom

suffer from heavy legs

Using low temperature waxes and cotton muslin, Epilcera differs from traditional waxing which may not be suitable for those with circulation problems.
In the video I’ll explain why you don’t have to worry.

Suitable epilation

for those with facial hair

Why is our Esmeralda wax suitable for more sensitive and delicate facial skin?
I will tell you about it in the video.

Waxing for men

Epilcera Ramses

We at Epilcera have also thought of men and that is why we have created the Ramses treatment, specially designed for the type of hair that is certainly more robust than that of women.
In the video, I give you some tips for arriving in summer with smooth and perfectly epilated skin.