Your Epil Spring ritual

waxing to do in the spring

No more ingrown hairs, irritation or redness caused by traditional waxing. Epilcera is the revolution of classic waxing.

During winter, the skin can get dehydrated and therefore hide hair under the skin.

The consequences are ingrown hairs and irritated skin.

So let’s all run for cover with last-minute waxes.

But what if the epilation time were also a moment of relaxing well-being?

It’s time to try a specific hair removal treatment for the spring season.

How is the Epil Spring treatment done?

This is the time to uncover our legs and to put on our first light skirts

Start trying on dresses because now you can let yourself be pampered by our Epil Spring ritual

The only painless wax that helps drain excess fluids and thus make the legs lighter
Because never as in these times do we need “lightness”.

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Real testimonials sent by customers of Epilcera centers in all Italy

Ceretta Epilcera indolore

The only painless wax

specific for spring

The protocol designed specifically for spring, the season in which the skin shows all the signs of winter abandonment.

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