Your Epil Summer ritual

waxing to do in the summer

No more ingrown hairs, irritation or redness caused by traditional waxing. Epilcera is the revolution of classic waxing.

The summer heat accelerates hair regrowth because it dilates the pores, so we more the razor.

The consequence to do so is red skin that is difficult to treat without causing irritation.

Without being afraid that waxing will take away our tan (because it is not true), we should nourish and pamper our skin.

Epil Summer is our perfect summer ritual, which improves the health of the legs, and obviously eliminates hair.

How is the Epil Repair Epil Summer?

Enough of this false myth of waxing that takes away the tan.

A waxing done correctly not only does not take away the “sun” complexion but improves it, making the skin even and softer

Epil Summer is our waxing ritual for the summer, which in addition to eliminating the hair problem, makes the legs lighter.

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Ceretta Epilcera indolore

The only painless wax

specific for summer

The protocol designed especially for the summer, which enhances your tan and does not irritate your skin but softening it.

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