The only painless wax

which is also a treatment

(Which slows hair regrowth)

Waxing will no longer be a torture to be avoided as much as possible, but a moment of well-being that you will not wait to relive.

A unique body treatment painless

the first relaxing wax

No more ingrown hairs, irritation or redness caused by traditional waxing. Epilcera is the revolution of classic waxing.

You certainly have a clear memory of your last wax. That moment that precedes the tear and brings with it a stiffening of the body dictated by fear.

It will hurt, your body knows, and it strains its muscles to defend itself.

Do you really want to continue to subject yourself to this torture? Think about it, you are paying to suffer Nonwoven strips, dirty rollers, aggressive tears for the skin.

But there is another way of waxing, which comes from the ancient Egyptians A linen and cotton fiber that manages to pull off even the shortest hair thanks to the vacuum effect on the skin.

It’s called muslin and it manages to transform the painful tearing of classic waxes into a delicate and truly super effective step

Ceretta Epilcera indolore

The difference between Epilcera and a normal wax?

For the first time in your life, you will get waxed and leaving the beauty center you will look forward going back.

Epilcera is not a normal wax, but an epilation method that accompanies you on your path of treatments only after a very important diagnosis of your skin and hair.

A real wellness ritual that not only guarantees you PAINLESS waxing, but improves the condition of your skin, treatment after treatment

Hair regrowth Slowed

and skin smoother and smoother, for longer

With Epilcera we will take care of your skin with performing products, rich in active ingredients capable of slowing down the regrowth of the hair and nourishing the skin in order to make it softer and more “available” for hair removal treatment.

In this way, thanks to the vacuum effect of the muslin, the resins enter deeper, thus managing to weed out even the shortest hair.

For this reason, with Epilcera the regrowth times are extended up to 5 weeks

How is the Epilcera treatment done?

Are we really convinced that waxing must mean feeling “pain”?
We women do a lot and very often we pamper ourselves too little.
So little that even when we decide to “make ourselves beautiful”, to dedicate time to the care of our body, we choose to suffer
And then we go through painful treatments, tears and red skin just to have smooth legs
With Epilcera, before waxing , without doing any tearing, without high temperatures and without irritation, we perform an exfoliating and moisturizing treatment able to better prepare the skin.

In this way, you will be able to enjoy your moment of well-being and have smooth and soft legs for a long, long time.

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We promise you:

You won't feel anything!

You know that moment when the esthetician is about to tear and you tense up to prepare yourself for the inevitable pain of the torture you have undergone for a lifetime, to remove hair?

Well, take a sigh of relief and forget that feeling.


try to imagine:

If all of this has intrigued you, if you want to try this unique hair removal treatment on your skin, then you must know that you can do it.

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